Our company is specialized in catering and delivery. We work with well-known restaurants, such as Sergio's, La Granja, Aromas del Peru, Giardino's, Bonsai, Chuck Wagon, Don Burrito, Los Arrieros, Pita Grill, Sabor a Cafe, among others.

By working with our company your restaurant reduces your staff load, providing a better service to expand the delivery area or in the case of not providing the service to incorporate it, allowing you to reach customers you did not have access before.

Benefits of working with our company:

  • No need to manage drivers or worrying about the logistics of delivery. 7 days a week service.
  • No need to plan routes for deliveries or perform market research to know how many drivers you will need.
  • You have all the drivers you need when you need it most.
  • More than 200,000 delivered meals in 60 minutes or less.
  • Under our marketing system, the menus of our sponsored restaurants are distributed in the area to people who usually order from their office or home which are potential customers for your restaurant.
How do we work
(for offline order)

Your restaurant receives an order for delivery.

Your staff calls to our office or use our app and makes the requirement for the service.

In 10-25 minutes one of our drivers collects the order.

The orders are delivered in a time of no more than 60 minutes since it was made.(Conditions apply).

Cost of our service:

Knock Knock D&T has a flat rate, no matter the amount of the order. Unlike any other company in the market, we do not conduct any extra monthly charge for delivery or percentage of your order. 


You can find us in Miami:


Coral Gables


Pembroke Pines



Call us and join our select group of restaurants. 786-310-8144

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